Squid Game

Locations: Coming Soon

A fully immersive experience that puts paying guests into the iconic series as players of the infamous Squid Games.
Take on beloved and dreaded games from the Squid Game universe plus a handful of brand new challenges built exclusively for The Trials.
Everywhere you look, iconic environments make you question your reality. Who will you be? Play your role inside Squid Game alongside your fellow contestants, or conceal your identity behind a VIP mask and enjoy the elite perks and access that come with it.
Transported to a neon-drenched Korean Night Market, ticketed players savor a creative menu of “instant ramyun,” bibimbap, soju-infused cocktails, and more. Browse the exclusive merchandise or strike an epic pose in detailed photo ops wearing your signature tracksuit.
Once you’re in the game, the Front Man’s watching you very, very carefully. Advanced tech, from a custom real-time scoring mechanic to an innovative leaderboard, leaves no question who comes out on top and who’s willing to betray other players.
Playskool 1

NERF Xperience, Location 2 (SG)

A thrilling time at the exclusive NERF Action Xperience (NAX) arena, the first permanent indoor attraction owned by Kingsmen. The 18,000 sq ft indoor attraction in Marina Square is split across four play zones – ‘Conquer’, ‘Challenge’, ‘Compete’ and ‘Create’ – bringing out the best of players hand-in-hand with the iconic Nerf blasters.